PEARLFORK (H)OUR 1st person narratives transcribed in Vibe: For Stage. Radio. Live.Tuning…Check, please! #LibraryOfLoss If the Artist cannot find the way – then the way cannot be found. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCerLQDBcArzsvV7lhgRUpeA?app=desktop&fbclid=IwAR30GbDeqKtNDwoWSR_bTbuERI3n3AcwIzdM9ElEUZI3c_oDzqrxnNUHi8M http://www.patreon.com houralivebook@gmail.com

After Thoughts: Literary Homage & Ancestry with Carrie Chappell

Please join us this Sunday at 2pm for Manderley’s next installment, co-created by Verse of April and guest-hosted by Carrie Chappell! After-Thoughts will feature an international cast of writers discussing inspiration, influence, and artistic ancestry. We’ll be welcoming Fork Burke, Malik Ameer Crumpler, Jennifer Huang, Ashley M. Jones, Alison Grace Koehler, and Che Yeun to […]

Circuit Gaze – podcast by Jamika Ajalon and Fork Burke – In conversation with Nancy, a young queer WOC, francophone, who is currently awaiting the results of a judiciary decision. Police arrested her for allegedly breaking the ‘l’outrage’ law, against expressing contempt to an police officer, after her attendance at a gillet noir protest. Her arrest, unfortunately, is far from an anomaly when comes to POC in France, (disproportionately) . What’s also important about her story is her road to politicization, which included her time in the states during some of the most turbulent years in recent US history : between 2014 (which saw the Ferguson riots and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement) until 2017, one year after the (non)election of the 45th US president .

Circuit Gaze is all about radical convergence– we connect narratives across borders in order to nurture each others agency.