First things first

get 8 What renders a vital component impotent 9 The audience is the enemy of the work 10 It assimilates the potential of the piece 11 This is so we cannot be healthy  26 Waits is my inner soundtrack 27 The way my body moves here lessens my ability to learn from it 28 Serbia ok 29 What pussy knows 30 Until the body has nothing left to do kind of technology  23 The ultimate object 24 Distracted by inclusion in the vision of the enemy 25 To achieve complete freedom from  12 Geographical limitations 13 Rate this translation 14 Artist has become a lifestyle 16 O or L and mine begins with me not a sound – we haven`t created anything and lucky for leaks That there is force between and

Write my Speak at no time is it needed to enter into …language – it allows one to be understood that is all – I seek something else in the destruction and ignoring – I seek speak and unearthing

a point of no return that is ours and always has been – we are not going back – hush – unearth the ways we go and renew