1 Pearls of velvet

2 Reading Henry`s photography

3 The moment a poem meets you halfway

4 It is the lie of life

5 Red Earth Radio

6 Believer

7 John of Dreams

8 Beni Blue

9 Howl often

10 Collaboration`s honest power

11 The torso weighed down by sorrow

12 Goodnight Mr Pocket

13 If you survive the first two books you arrive at the third book of vision

14 You can`t make us forget

15 A two sided coin – He can cash in on his virtues and his evils at separate counters

16 Waterslide Man

17 Cellular Mirror

18 I wish I could be there with you

19 Bless your hands

20 Music Webs and Breastmilk

21 There is no veil between worlds

22 Merge

23 Wolf like me

24 I am calling for a telepathic meeting of poets

25 Love Machine

26 this sticker thing

27 Codes that extend through the book

28 We are not at a loss

29 The ones that insist on walking

30 I am the library



33 degrees