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Heretics Interview #3

Paris Heretics interviews poet Fork Burke about her approach to writing, and her thoughts on the role and work of the poet. In keeping with Fork’s employment of the ‘cut-up’ technique in her own process, her answers have been chopped into snippets and rearranged to produce a nonlinear rendering of her thoughts. The questions remain […]

Lesung mit Fork Burke und Myriam Diarra

14:00  16:00 Die Zeitzeuginnen in ‘I will be different every time’ erzählen ein Stück Black History in der Schweiz. Es macht Frauen mit ihren Stimmen, Biographien, Denkweisen, Perspektiven und Lebenswelten sichtbar, die in der Schweiz selten zur Kenntnis genommen werden. Die Teilnahme an dieser Lesung steht allen interessierten Pesonen offen. Lecture et conversation avec Fork Burke […]

Interview – elleXX

SATURDAY, 9 JULY 2022 AT 15:00

It’s already started to write itself, Fork Burke espace libre It’s already started to write itselfWriting workshop with Fork Burke9.7.202215h-17h ENThe poet Fork Burke hosts an experimental writing workshop using ‘cut-ups’ as a tool for creating multi-lingual and multi-layered text.​We will Speak We will Record We Will Be Cut Ups We Will Create through Collage […]


ARTISTS: The highest level of Seriousness…( We are Currents. See? Before the breath knew to breathe.Before the eye knew to see.Before Hope knew to believe. I AM… You thought I was trying to be clever, I was just thinking out loud.You thought I was trying to be deep. For who? You see effort.But, I is. […]


Video clip for the poem “And” by Fork Burke. Text written and performed by Fork Burke. Video produced and directed by Paris Heretics, 2021. On-location cameras in Switzerland operated by Alithea Engel and Aldo Betschart. Original scoring and additional imagery contributed by Lesteria.