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Manifeste (Lectures & Lives) #2 Public · Hosted by inter-zones and Le Ventre de l’Architecte / Chez Samir

Manifeste (Lectures & Lives) #2 Mercredi 27 février 2019 à 18h00Café Chez Samir – Le Ventre de l’Architecte4 rue Burnouf 75019 Paris (Métro Colonel Fabien ou Belleville) “Il a toujours été clair pour moi qu’une partie du ‘travail’ consistait à renverser la chronologie dominante / avec un récit ‘alternatif’. Créer des remixs de cut-ups de […]


1 Marked Writing 2 Nearly the entire history of writing is confounded with the history of reason 3 Gather their codes 4 Be guided back to your heart 5 Sex is not a sandwich 6 Sharing of the gear 7 Don`t disturb truth 8 define terms in the context of the discussion for ourselves 9 […]


Checklist 1 Narrow down 2 All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question 3 red plastic cups 4 And everything is a dollar in this box 5 Alphabets are also imperialist infrastructures 6 I can hardly feel the metal anymore 7 Corpse Medicine 8 Before I was me I was you 9 PTSD […]