Circuit Gaze – podcast by Jamika Ajalon and Fork Burke – In conversation with Nancy, a young queer WOC, francophone, who is currently awaiting the results of a judiciary decision. Police arrested her for allegedly breaking the ‘l’outrage’ law, against expressing contempt to an police officer, after her attendance at a gillet noir protest. Her arrest, unfortunately, is far from an anomaly when comes to POC in France, (disproportionately) . What’s also important about her story is her road to politicization, which included her time in the states during some of the most turbulent years in recent US history : between 2014 (which saw the Ferguson riots and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement) until 2017, one year after the (non)election of the 45th US president .

Circuit Gaze is all about radical convergence– we connect narratives across borders in order to nurture each others agency.