1 Marked Writing

2 Nearly the entire history of writing is confounded with the history of reason

3 Gather their codes

4 Be guided back to your heart

5 Sex is not a sandwich

6 Sharing of the gear

7 Don`t disturb truth

8 define terms in the context of the discussion for ourselves

9 Abstract concepts are not adequate

10 Cultural reconstruction is a spiritual quest

11 living the art

12 For gods sake When will my father die

13 pause essential pause

14 Red Earth

15 Radio puts the listener in front of ghosts

16 I don`t call that playing I call that waiting

17 None of it is personal

18 Fred McDowell

19 Nation Time z

20 Solitary Gardens

21 Wig Water Poisoned

22 Pirate Radio

23 Whenever two people are doing the same thing in the exact same way One of them is doing something wrong

24 clockwise counter clockwise

25 experience blockers

26 Le Baratin

27 MisBeHaving wORds

28 I got born the silence

29 Bang Bang

30 The other French paradox

31 disturb waiting

32 Who`s there

33 degrees