1 Narrow down

2 All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question

3 red plastic cups

4 And everything is a dollar in this box

5 Alphabets are also imperialist infrastructures

6 I can hardly feel the metal anymore

7 Corpse Medicine

8 Before I was me I was you

9 PTSD aka Mama

10 The role boxing played

11 Let me get some extra napkins

12 Republican party is two min to midnight

13 Madeleine Cake of Horrors

14 No bent nails

15 One App

16 Oh you mean go back to our roots

17 Dance connects the in common

18 Invention of safety and security

19 You share your thoughts and spirit

20 The culture in the phone

21 You are the next extinction of course

22 There was always this heavy unseen behind his dance

23 Feel our cliche

24 As soon as I get my hands on it

25 banjo tango

26 Here To Go

27 John Dillinger

28 Best

29 the Whisk Broom and the Billy Goat

30 Are you in Paris

31 I`m a long gone train

32 All-night greasy spoons

33 Degrees