Checklist by Fork Burke

1  It is not future
2 Your body is a boat
3 1/2 hour in Rome
4 Exclusion is not possible
5 Never underestimate the power of glitter
6 Audience does not serve the magical application
7 Audience is a way to forget
8 What renders a vital component impotent
9 The audience is the enemy of the work
10 It assimilates the potential of the piece
11 This is so we cannot be healthy enough to endure the process of liberation
12 Corrupt African leaders
13 Article headings reflect your desire
14 You tell me the areas you overlooked by the words you use
15 Gimme Shelter
16 If you got no rhythm
17 Art confronts the separation
18 Yes but world domination is something else
19 romantic military
20 conditioned farmed trained
21 Because it`s from Asia
22 Best ideas come in bed
23 This is what people dedicate their lives to
24 To speak to you is to be silenced traveling dead roads
25 The morning mind
26 Waits is my inner soundtrack
27 The way my body moves here lessens my ability to learn from it
28 Serbia ok
29 What pussy knows
30 Until the body has nothing left to do kind of technology
31 It`s not about breastfeeding it`s about securing the meaning shift of natural across the board
32 Sell need as freedom
33 degrees